Campus Solutions/Institution

Inspiring the young talents across India to pay with the latest and smartest way with Rechargekit prepaid cards.

Prepaid Card for Your Daily Transactions

Campus Solutions/Institution

At Rechargekit Campus Solution, we simplify student life with intelligent campus solutions. Our Campus Institute card gives students one card convenience for all their needs – on-campus and off-site purchase / online payment cards.

Banks are constantly developing their processes and products to meet the needs and expectations of young student because it is kind of strange for them to find a household member, to count on the money in their wallets, to have no power in the middle of their parents’ money, or to be “not good”. Rechargekit Campus Solution that offer debit cards to students with a wide range of services and benefits that appeal to happy young people while nurturing their financial needs

We provide a campus-based commerce management system for students and teachers. Services such as the library, canteen, in-house cybercaf├ęs, laundry and other campus services can easily be purchased with the same card, which serves as an all-in-one Campus institute card.

Visa / MasterCard campaign prepaid cards can be customized to meet institute requirements. The complete non-cash campus solution works on both a semi-closed and open loop prepaid platform that allows students to trade at large institutions, retail chains, and online shops and even for open circuit cards.

Rechargekit Digital Kiosks know and love students, professors and visitors to promote information sharing, efficiency, and accessibility throughout the campus.

Rechargekit Campus Solutions is the future of the academic environment. The financial offices of colleges and universities will appreciate the smooth way that students will enjoy being relaxed and convenient.

This notion has dramatically increased the use of Campus Institute Cards in India, universities, colleges and even high school campuses. There are many reasons why Rechargekit Campus Solutions are useful for all types of students.

  • Safe and easy way to carry and manage cash.

  • Make online transactions.

  • Bonus points & gifts.

  • Fees submission online rather than cash.

  • Digital payment (library, canteen,)

  • Digital kiosks in campus for information sharing and accessibility.

  • Build good money habits without having to take on debt.